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world literature curriculum

Part of a series of 1-year, high school-level literature courses, this curriculum can be taught independently of the series or in sequence with author James Stobaugh’s other literature classes. It is also designed to work in conjunction with Stobaugh’s high school history 80%(4). Complete High School World History Curriculum. Exploring World History by Ray Notgrass is a one-year homeschool curriculum for high school that teaches students to understand history from a Christian perspective of faith in God and respect for the provides one full-year of credit in world history, English (literature and composition), and Bible. English» Grade 10 Curriculum Guide—World Literature Grade 10 Curriculum Guide—World Literature Genre Literary Response and Analysis: Students read and respond to historically or culturally significant works of literature that reflect and enhance their studies of history and social science.

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This post contains affiliate links because I believe in this curriculum, world literature curriculum. See full disclosure policy for more details. When I have questions about a new to me aspect of homeschooling I like to seek advice and input from other homeschool families, especially those who have already reached important milestones on their homeschool journeys. The world literature curriculum homeschool moms behind 7 Sisters Homeschool have helped each other make it all the way through to high school graduation and have used their experience and knowledge to create curriculum and resources to help other homeschool families successfully homeschool through high school as well.

American Literature. British Literature, world literature curriculum. World Literature. As a veteran educator, Susan is always looking for new ways to bring learning to life for her family.

As a veteran educator I am always looking for new ways to bring learning to life for my family. I enjoy traveling, sharing ideas with other moms, and helping my children explore the world around them. Our favorite subjects to study together are history, literature and geography. I blog about our educational adventures at Education Possible.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Facebook Instagram Pinterest Twitter. Students read one book each month of the school year and complete a corresponding study guide. We are continuing our book club through the high school years and the World Literature Course fits the style and needs of our book club perfectly! By using this curriculum we can continue to include meaningful discussions and writing assignments in our book club activities.

And the best part for me, as the teacher, is that my preparation work is minimal! The course materials contain all of the information I need world literature curriculum keep our book club engaged and on track.

This year our high school level history studies are focused on world history. The World Literature Course is an amazing companion to our history studies. Flexibility is always important in our homeschool efforts. My children enjoy history and literature but they each have different interests within those subject areas. This course offers many different writing assignment options, independent reading suggestions, and supplemental activities so students can customize their coursework to fit their interests and abilities, world literature curriculum.

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world literature curriculum


“The obsession with past trauma refracts World Lit’s sense of belatedness, even when the genre advertises its contemporaneity. You can argue that we’re still haunted by Hiroshima or the Holocaust, that people refuse to speak about this haunting — kind of the way they refuse to care about the novel. This literature-based homeschool curriculum package also includes all of the World Literature books scheduled in these guides. Overview of the Literature Instructor's Guide. The Literature course can be largely self-taught. Your children are able to chart their own course with help from the Literature and Language Arts Student Guide. Homeschool Literature Curriculum. Homeschool literature curriculum, literature guides, and classic literature for convenient British Literature, American Literature, .