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Detailed Surf Forecast and Surf Report for Kihei Maui, Hawaii including top quality forecast resources. This is the Surf-Forecast page for Kihei Cove, HAW - Maui. Use the tab navigation above to view Kihei Cove sea temperature, Kihei Cove photographs, Kihei Cove detailed swell predictions, wind and weather forecasts, Kihei Cove webcams, current wind from HAW - Maui /5(4). Aug 19,  · maui surf report On this blog you'll find a daily analysis of the forecast of the surf, windsurf, kitesurf and foiling conditions in Maui. Email me if you need a Maui surf guide or a surf, SUP, SUP foil, prone foil or windfoil lesson. I've been teaching water sports since

Kihei Cove Surf Forecast and Surf Reports (HAW - Maui, USA)

On this maui wave report you'll find a daily analysis of the forecast of the surf, windsurf, kitesurf and foiling conditions in Maui.

I've been teaching water sports since Monday, August 19, Monday 8 18 19 morning call. Last call for a while, as I leave today for a trip. Going to Europe first and then from there eventually I'll decide if I want to go and surf somewhere.

I leave you with brother Eric, here's the funding campaign page for his new wheelchair. Since I'm leaving, I'm going to try to put a little extra content than usual in this post.

This is obviously Kai Lenny doing his things. I had my session n. For the first time I used my 5. Real easy to bring up on the foil with your feet in the straps, but I could maui wave report do that on the way out goofy stance, maui wave report. Once it was time to jibe, I had the opportunity to try to learn a completely new skill for me. I was doing the jibe no problem, maui wave report, switching my hands on the boom of the Duotone wing, maui wave report, leaving my feet in the straps, but then that position of twisted body was just too awkward to allow me keep foiling.

Nothing I can't learn, but it'll take a few sessions. The west swell was hitting beautifully and Guardrails had some chest to head high inconsistent very clean sets. My finger reacted badly to the double gripping session paddle and wingbut now it's going to rest for a while, so that's ok. Need to do that surgery as soon as I come back, so that I can be back to freely trying everything I feel like doing. Like foil downwinders, for example. This is a shot from Gofoil taken in Hood River.

Sunday, August 18, Sunday 8 18 19 morning call. Haven't seen many photos of the Ole contest yet, this one was taken by 1more Much bigger waves are one our way, this is Teahoopu yesterday, too big to run the trials of the WSL contest starting the 21st, maui wave report. If they run it today, there should be a live streaming most likely in French on this FB page Polynesie la 1ere.

Here's an incredibly steep non jet-ski assisted drop. This is a very solid swell. Until a couple of days ago there were two swells W and S in the water of similar period and it was hard to tell which one was which.

Webcam looks pretty good, check it out yourself. North shore Mokapu 3. Saturday, maui wave report, August 17, Saturday 8 17 19 morning call. Didn't have time to drive south yesterday morning, so I surfed Hookipa, which was a 1. A bit of exercise, that's what it was. West swell still in the water but smaller than the past few days. Background south energy down to a minimum. Today it will be a small day everywhere, it's a good thing that the Ole at Launiupoko is a longboard contest Friday, August 16, Friday 8 16 19 morning call.

Beautiful waves on the south shore yesterday, no time to take photos, here's Philippe Carneri of Horue doing some winGfoiling freestyle. Today the leftover south is down to 11s and the two local south facing buoys can more easily distinguish it from the s westerly energy.

Hanalei instead continues to feel only the west undisturbed, so we'll take that as a reference and it seems to be smaller than the last couple of days. Observation of the Kihei cams confirms so, but it's far from flat.

Lahaina instead has early morning onshores, due, maui wave report, IMO, to the relatively strong trades already blowing on the north shore, maui wave report. I got a snapshot of both below, for once Kihei beats Lahaina both in quantity and quality of the surf! That's good news for the Hi-Tech organized Ole longboard contest at Launiupoko tomorrow.

It won't be big, but it won't be flat either. North Pacific has a small fetch in the NW corner and the windswell one. Thursday, August 15, maui wave report, Thursday 8 15 19 morning call. The former should stay about the same on Thursday with the latter dropping.

North shore should be flat to tiny. Wind map at noon. Also Krosa made landfall, so no more waves from those guys. But there's a bit of a fetch in the NW corner of winter memories The strong fetch that made next week's swell is now aiming at the Americas, not much else behind it.

Morning sky. Wednesday, August 14, Wednesday 8 14 19 morning call. Yesterday I went to "his" spot, today he's coming to "mine". Not much room to screw up, as the rocks are dangerously close. Conditions were a 5, so after that first session, I felt like driving maui wave report Lahaina anyway and took this maui wave report on the way.

Here we go, much safer and way more fun for me. Plus, there's much more variety and options: at least 7 different breaks two of which you can go left or right from the same takeoff spot in what I call "the two miles miracle". The first is not influenced by the south swell, maui wave report, so is the real direction, not the ones indicated by the other two, maui wave report. It's a misleading information, there's two swells instead: a west and a south, maui wave report.

We knew that already because we also know the position of maui wave report fetch es that generated the swells. Below is the collage of the maps of August 4 to 12 that show the position of the typhoons responsible for the west one.

Here's Pat Caldwell 's words. The fetch was over nm away. This swell is going to last at least a week. More info on shadow lines in the post Buoys to Maui travel times and Maui's shadow lines. There's webcams for both linked in the webcam section, check them out and decide. North shore Mokapu 2. That's too small and east of a windswell in fact, and the west energy won't get to the north shore at all.

North Pacific has one last day of west typhoon fetch and a couple of other ones. Beautiful S fetch in the South Pacific. Tuesday, August 13, Tuesday maui wave report 13 19 morning call. Another great day of waves on the south shore. This time I did take a photo of the day, but I must have deleted inadvertently, so here's the break called Coke's in the Maldives in a recent swell by Maldives Surf Photographer.

South shore Barbers 2. Today there's also maui wave report 13s and a 3ft 9s southern hemisphere trades windswell that hopefully won't disrupt the lineups much. This is Pat Cladwel l's newest write-up describing the history of the fetches. This energy is expected to drop on Tuesday. This event is expected to peak overnight and slowly drop while remaining above average into dawn Wednesday.

And this is the collage of the fetches maps from August 1 to 5 which maui wave report help. This is the Lahaina webcam at sunset: it was pumping. Check it out before going. Monday, August 12, Monday 8 12 19 morning call. I parked my car at Thousand Peaks at 6am, I left at 2. There I had the opportunity to try out a Slingshot wing they look really goodbut I was so tired I maui wave report to pass This aerial photo shows the perfection of Restaurants and Namotu with its two waves in the background.

You can even see Wilkes pass going off way in the distance. My friend Eric is a legend. He fell off a tree when he was a teenager and he's been on a wheelchair since. If you surf Hookipa you probably saw maui wave report doing his laborious routine to get ready to go surf.

The seat of his wheelchair his giving him blisters which he can't feel forming, but take forever to healso he maui wave report recommended to buy a custom seat that won't do that. Check the webcam before going nonetheless. Typhoon Krosa keep spinning and sending us waves from the west, maui wave report. There's a sliver of west energy at a couple of buoys this morning, but it's more likely that tomorrow is going to be the visible start of this long lasting swell.

Check the post Buoys to Maui travel times and Maui's shadow lines if you want to start figuring out where it might hit in Maui. The Kihei coast should be the least blocked target, but it might squeeze in somewhere else too.

South Pacific continues to provide us with favorable fetches this one again in the Tasman Sea in this incredible summer. It's official the best summer that I remember, which means since Older Posts Home.


maui surf report


maui wave report


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